NGO Media Center for Georgian Presidential Election 2013 Launched

28 Oct, 2013

Election Media Center launched operation on October 22. Media Center will be a platform for non-governmental organizations to constantly update journalists and everyone interested, about the election observation mission for presidential election in Georgia, which will take place on Oct. 27. Media Center will host briefings from following NGOs: Georgian Young Lawyers Association (GYLA), International Society For Fair Elections and Democracy (ISFED), Transparency International – Georgia (TI), Public Advocacy,  Center Of Development And Democracy (CDD), Public Movement “Multinational Georgia” (PMMG), The Human Rights Center, Human Rights and Social Justice Protection Research Center, Liberal Academy Tbilisi. Monitors from above mentioned organizations will be deployed throughout the country covering the whole electoral process.

Georgian Young Lawyers Association will provide 77 long-term observers throughout 35 District Election Commissions (DEC) and 3 monitors will observe the activities of the Central Election Commission. During the Election Day and afterwards, monitors will review complaints and observe count procedures. Each election district will be monitored by 2 observers. They will assess whether the Polling Officers’ performance is in compliance with legislative demands; how they react to polling and vote-counting errors; how votes are counted and sent to further election commissions; monitor if DEC/CEC reacts to complaints claimed against DEC/PEC.

Public Advocacy will monitor pre-election campaign and the polling procedures in villages and IDP-populated areas nearby to conflict zone. In total, 28 precincts of #32 Gori DEC and 12 precincts of #33 Kareli DEC will be covered.

Center of Development and Democracy in partnership with Article 42 of the Constitution will conduct election observation mission of 200 observers. Election Day, pre-election environments and post-election developments will be monitored by 35 mobile groups at 10 regions (73 DECs).

Public Movement “Multinational Georgia” will observe election procedures in Samtskhe-Javakheti and Kvemo Kartli regions. For this mission, 5 DEC observers, 20 mobile groups and 110 precinct observers will be deployed to Samtskhe-Javakheti region; 4 DEC observers, 19 mobile groups and 90 precinct observers will monitor E-day in Kvemo Kartli region. 1 observer will be deployed to Central Election Comission.

The Human Rights Center will asses whether voting procedures at polling places are in accordance with international standards in Kakhti, Shida Kartli, Mtskheta-Mtianti, Samegrelo and Imereti regions. HRC will observe complaint review procedures as well.

450 STOs of International Society For Fair Elections and Democracy will  observe election procedures throughout the entire country ; 300 of  them will monitor Parallel Vote Tabulation (PVT) at randomly selected precincts, 150 observers will focus on problematic precincts.

NGO representatives will provide accurate and verified information of election processes at briefings held in Election Media Center. Media Center is supported by Open Society Foundation.


We take into account your interest in Media Center’s activities for Georgian Parliamentary Election, 2012 and assume that your interest for Presidential Election has not weakened. Our newsletters will constantly update you with latest news/results from NGOs election observation mission.

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