Online Georgian Language Course for Ethnic Minorities

12 Mar, 2013

Online Georgian Language learning program specifically designed for ethnic minorities living in Georgia and abroad. The TSU Arnold Chikobava Institute of Linguistics Centre web-based course was created with the support of the Foundation and went online on the 6th of March.

„E-Learning Course of Georgian Language” is the first free online product. The course has been developed in accordance with the international standards of language proficiency level. By means of the latest online methodology of language learning, citizens will acquire knowledge of vocabulary, grammar, phraseology; develop speaking skills and improve writing culture.

The e-course can be used by anyone who has an access to computer and internet. There are no age limitations. All the instructions and grammar units are presented in Georgian, Armenian and Azerbaijani languages. 

‘This novelty is very important in terms of civil integration of our fellow citizens – representatives of ethnic minorities. Good knowledge of the state language will promote and enhance their involvement in civil processes.’- says Ms. KetiKhutsishvili, Executive Director of the Open Society Georgia Foundation.