Open Gallery Hosts Zura Gomelauri’s Personal Exhibition

27 Apr, 2012

Zura Gomelauri, “Pomegranates”
1- 8 May, 2012
Exhibition opens: on May 1, 18:00 o’clock
Open Gallery, 10 Chovelidze St.

,,Open Gallery will host Zura Gomelauri’s personal exhibition. The exhibition will display paintings from Zura’s personal collection. Zura’s personal exhibitions have been held since 1988. He has taken part in group exhibitions in Georgia and Europe.

Zura Gomelauri’s paintings made by warm, earth tone colors take us to the fairyland. We see mythological symbols, characters of Georgian fairy tales and ornaments in the pictures. In his expressions the modern languages of painting and archaic signs skillfully merge with each other.

Zura’s paintings are saturated with visual metaphors like fish, tiger, deer, a “bird of life”, ox from famous Georgian fairy tale, pomegranate tree etc. We come across with the pomegranate fruit almost in all Zura’s paintings…These are the elements that present a symbol of life, fertility and kindness. Paintings simple at first sight have a deep content and raise the feeling of harmony in viewers.