Open Movement for the 48-Hour Hackathon Winners

8 Dec, 2019

On December 8, Open Movement contributed to a 48-hour Hackathon held at Impact Hub Tbilisi by awarding the young winners a prize of 1500 GEL.

Open Movement was created with the support of the Open Society Georgia Foundation and it promotes awareness and discussion about mental health.

Three teams won this year’s Hackathon:

  • Dictionary – a platform that provides its users with access to mental health services
  • Symphony of Emotions – an online application that transforms emotions and mood into musical sounds
  • VISU – an educational platform that promotes interest in science among children

Hackathon, organized by Garage48 and Impact Hub Tbilisi, is an interesting platform for promoting mental health topics. Here, it is possible to use various technological opportunities to seek innovative ways of solving problems and for positive changes. This is a short-term, intensive program that supports setting up startups.

Developers, programmers, and mental health activists have the opportunity to produce new ideas and projects on this open mental health forum. Their innovations should be aimed at reducing stigma, addressing specific problems that hinder people from living happily, managing stress and anger, coping with depression, negative thoughts.