Open Society Georgia Foundation to Operate under a New Status but with the Same Mission from 2024

29 Dec, 2023

For almost 30 years, the Open Society Georgia Foundation has been operating to support the empowerment and development of Georgian citizens. From 2024, the OSGF team will continue its priority activities with the unchanged mission and values, but under a new status and name. Over the past two years, in parallel to the structural, managerial, and geographic changes within the global network of Open Society Foundations, OSGF has been transformed into a fully local entity while remaining a close partner to the global network in the region.

Our grant funding will still be available to the civil sector, initiative groups, or individuals supporting democratic society. From the next year, already under the name of the Civil Society Foundation (CSF), we will continue supporting a diverse array of independent voices and initiatives that serve Georgia’s European aspirations, protect human rights and media freedoms, and help integrate minorities into society.

Civil Society Foundation will continue to operate as a platform uniting people, organizations, or coalitions for democratic changes and public good. The Foundation remains the driving force behind the European aspirations of Georgia, which, together with the civil society, will stay vigilant in its efforts to counter corruption, oppression, and authoritarianism.

The sustainability of the renewed Foundation is fully supported by the global OSF network. In addition, the Foundation is now and still successfully implementing projects supported by a number of international organizations and is open to cooperation with other donors.


Since 1994, the Open Society Georgia Foundation has been part of the global network of Open Society Foundations. The organization began its activities in Georgia by promoting the education of young people, bolstering the work of Georgian scientists, and sponsoring the preservation of Georgia’s national cultural heritage.

The major role of the Foundation in terms of democratic changes is worth noting. The Foundation has been empowering society through times of war, social upheaval, and the COVID-19 pandemic. The Foundation has made a considerable contribution to advancing key reforms in public health, expanding the space for participatory democracy and civic engagement, strengthening respect for human rights and the rule of law, and empowering free and independent media.

With the support of the Foundation, the first children’s hospice for palliative care was established in Georgia, a number of churches and monasteries, paintings, and frescoes were preserved; A free legal aid service was established; Extensive research was carried out, and studies, guidelines and books were published; Today’s leading online and regional media organizations have started to operate; Thousands of young people and professional groups were awarded with scholarships to study abroad and improve their qualifications.

For almost three decades, the Foundation invested more than $100 million in fostering an open and democratic society in Georgia. This support aimed to empower youth, women, children, refugees, students, professional groups, socially vulnerable people, as well as people with health problems or disabilities.

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