Open Society Institute documentary photography project announces the winner of grant competition for 2009

29 Jan, 2010


A Georgian citizen is one among 9 winners of the competition announced in terms of the documentary photography project by Arts and Culture network program and Open Society Institute.

In spring 2009 the documentary photography competition was announced for photographers from Asia Minor, Caucasian countries, Afghanistan, Mongolia and Pakistan. The competition which planned to provide the financial support of 3,500 USD to 20 projects, aimed at supporting works distinguished for their critical approach on current social issues and creativity.

Documentary photography project attached its priority to supporting those photographers who depicted issues of human rights and equality in their works:

  • 1. How does supporting photography promote development of human rights and social justice?
  • 2. How are photographers capable of establishing effective partnership with organizations working on the social justice and human rights issues?
  • 3. How are documentary photographers capable of developing innovative approaches for promoting works on creating open society while considering specific national culture?

Most of applicants for the competition were from Georgia – 22 applications. 9 winners were revealed, one of them from Georgia – Justina Melnikevic who is the citizen of both Poland and Georgia. She presented the project “Challenging Traditions- Old Roles, New Realities” on the topic of women’s rights and Gender issues.

Further to grant award, the winners will have an opportunity to take high level professional training.


Nino kiknavelidze and Tamar Tsereteli
Arts and Culture Network Program