OSGF on George Soros Visit to Georgia

30 Nov, 2012

George Soros, the founder of the Open Society Foundations, will take an unofficial visit to Tbilisi.

In response to a lot of public interest drawn by this event, we would like to declare that this is an informal visit, as part of which George Soros will meet with the OSGF management, summarize OSGF activities for the past several years and consider its future strategy.  He may also meet with political leaders in order to discuss new political reality in the country.

We would like also to note that reports made by some media outlets that allegedly George Soros is financing the National Movement party are not true.

George Soros and the OSGF do not finance political parties and their activities in Georgia.

The purpose of the OSGF has always been to strengthen the civil society, protect human rights, support the independent media and advocate for interests of the socially vulnerable groups in Georgia.