Ossetian, Azeri, Armenian and Georgian adults Spent 2 weeks at summer camps

29 Jan, 2010


In 2009 the Foundation announced the competition «Youth Civil integration Summer Camps» that foresaw development of civil integration promotion programs by non-governmental organizations and formation summer camps within these programs.

Promotion of interpersonal contacts among representatives of ethnic minorities and majorities residing in Georgia, motivation to learn Georgian Language, civil education, raising topics on tolerance, popularization of ethnic minorities’ cultures – These were the main objective set by the project implementers.

Sixty-six organizations introduced their visions for achieving their aims. Out of them the Foundation supported six projects and awarded grants of USD 13000-15000 per each. The winner organizations are from Gardbani, Bolnisi, Marneuli, Tsalka and Tbilisi (SIKA – Georgian Association for Education initiatives, Association Liberta, Intercultural cooperation in Qvemo Qartli – The Bridge, Good will mission – missioners, Association “Bethlehem” Gori region, Changes and conflict management centre – Partners – Georgia).

Successful steps taken by the camp organizers included activities focusing on introduction of historical-cultural heritage (excursions) during which the young people learnt about the examples of inter-nation friendship through history which gives continual intersection of Ossetian, Armenian, Azeri and Georgian cultures.

The event started with an opening greeting of The Foundation’s Director, Keti Khutsishvili and documentary film show. The content and visual elements of a 5 minute film fully depicted two weeks’ summer camp life of the young people.

In October this year, Kvesheti Summer Camp in Gudauri will host 40 adults additionally.

Follow the link to learn more on implementer non-governmental organizations


Malkhaz saldadze
Civil Society Support Program