Outcomes of the Study on Prices and Availability of Medicines in Georgia -– Changes in 2009-2011

10 Jan, 2012

Curatio International Foundation has completed a study exploring ‘Price, Affordability and Availability of Medicines in Georgia’.  The study was divided into three stages and carried out in 2009-2001 with the support of the Open Society Institute and the World Bank.

The key aim of the study is to improve affordability and availability of medicines for the population.

Based on a three-year observation of pharmacies and different medicines in Georgia, Curatio International Foundation studied the practice in the pharmaceutical sector and came up with recommendations based on research findings.  The recommendations will be presented to the broad audience of the health sector – the Health Care Committee of Parliament, the Ministry of Health, the insurance sector and other interested parties.

The study was conducted using the methodology of the World Health Organization (WHO).  The survey looked at prices and mark-ups of 52 medicines (brand-name medicines and their cheap generic equivalents) over the period of three years in licensed pharmacies nationwide. 

The survey measures the quality of access to medicines in both pharmacy chains and independent pharmacies.  In 2011, Pharmadepo and Parmacenter added to the pharmacy chains involved in the survey (PSP, Aversi, GPC) in 2009-2010.

The survey looks at the access to medicines by years as well. It analysis the impact of amendments made in 2009 to the Law on Drugs on the access to medicines and medicine prices in Georgia.  The survey analysis how the changes influence the patients’ treatment costs in patients with different diagnosis. 

Here you can learn more on findings.