Overtime calculator for social workers

31 Oct, 2023

The overtime calculator is a tool designed for social workers. This new tool of the “Union of Social Workers“ was created in the framework of the Georgia Fair Labor Platform with the support of the Open Society Georgia Foundation and the Human Rights Watch. The calculator focuses on the issue that is most important and problematic for social workers- the overtime work:

  • Based on the answers given to several questions and taking into account the working hours and employment conditions of a social worker, the calculator estimates whether the social worker performs overtime work or not.
  • If the social worker performs overtime, the calculator determines whether this work has been agreed with him/her or not.
  • The tool determines whether the compensation paid to the social worker is in compliance with the work performed and the applicable legislation.

In case of finding a breach of the labor right, the calculator refers the social worker to the “Union of Social Workers“ and partner lawyers for consultation.

The overtime calculator is an educational and informative tool. The calculator aims to support and empower social workers as the people with the major profession, protect their labor rights, and help strengthen the “Union of Social Workers“.