Parliament to Consider Tomorrow This Affects You Too Campaigners’ Request for Collection of 30 000 Signatures

25 Jun, 2012

Source: Web page This Affects You Too

The Procedural Issues Committee of Parliament will meet on 15:00 tomorrow to consider among other questions the registration of a initiative group of citizens (Z. Koridze, M. Popiashvili, E. Gigauri, I. Melashvili, L. Tughushi, G. Khutsishvili etc.) asking for the right to submit to Parliament a bill calling for amendments to the law on broadcasting in case of the collection of at least 30 000 voters’   signatures.

This Affects You Too campaign group applied to Parliament on June 15 for the permission to submit the bill in order to introduce ‘must carry’ and ‘must offer’ principles into Georgian legislation.   According to the procedure, the Parliament Bureau assigns the Procedural Issues Committee to consider the question.  Therefore, the committee will decide whether to give a right to the initiative group to submit the legislative proposal in case of the collection of 30 000 signatures.

If the Procedural Issues Committee meets the request of the initiative group, This Affects You Too campaign group will start collecting signatures nationwide in a few days.