Photo Exhibition and Documentary Depicting Illegal Activities of CenterPoint Development Company

13 Feb, 2012

On February 3, Open Gallery hosted the exhibition of photos depicting illegal activities of CenterPoint Development Company.

 Association of Affected Developers, a non-governmental organization, which unites affected customers of CenterPoint Development Company, have presented a documentary and photos. The materials show clearly the infringement of private property and human rights by CenterPoint and company’s illegal activities against citizens.

Affected citizens demand that the construction of their flats be ended or the funds invested by them be returned.

“The documentary is dedicated to the citizens that paid price of the flats according to contract terms.  But the CentrePoint failed to meet its contractual obligations.  As a result, we have been left without homes and have actually appeared in the street”, says one of the affected citizens. 

Representatives of international organizations, media and ordinary citizens took part in the event.