Presentation of Economic Policy of the Pre-electoral programs

21 Oct, 2020

On October 21, EECMD, with the financial support of the Open Society Georgia Foundation (OSGF), organized the presentation and discussion of the economic policy of the pre-electoral programs of 2020.

The leaders of European Georgia, United National Movement – United Opposition, Lelo for Georgia, and Strategy Aghmashenebeli presented their visions on the country’s economic development.

The event was conducted within the project “Supporting and Enhancing Democratic Political Culture in the Pre-electoral Period.” The project aims to create a positive political agenda and strengthen civic engagement in the pre-electoral period.

The project, in general contributes to facilitation public discussions during the pre-electoral period in Tbilisi and all regions of Georgia. 13 pre-electoral meetings with all major political forces will be carried out. An independent and impartial comparative analysis will be developed. Simultaneously, the project will encourage local community groups to voice their needs and challenges and place them higher on the political agenda. For this purpose, 11 local policy interest documents will be prepared.

The project aims to accomplish three major objectives. 1. To strengthen public demand and interest in pre-electoral programs. 2. To develop an impartial and non-partisan analysis of the pre-electoral programs to inform the public about the programs better and increase the responsibility of political parties in creating more realistic programs. 3. To create a more constructive space, where political parties will be able to discuss the programs’ content. Such platforms will promote better policy-making, increase democratic political culture, and reduce polarization levels in the country.

The project started in September, 2020 and finishes in February, 2021.