Presentation of OSGF projects, reports and manual prepared in terms of these projects

27 Jan, 2010

The presentation of 3 projects, two reports and a manual prepared in terms of these projects implemented in the field of administration and local self-governance by OSGF was held in Courtyard Marriott.

The presentation was attended by the representatives of non-governmental and international organizations who were introduced with the activities carried out by the foundations and its partner organizations as well as the product of these three projects.

The special interest of the guests was attracted by the report of project “An Assessment of Georgia’s National Integrity System: The GNISA Project“; the latter focuses on three basic issues: 1) description of active anti-corruption institutions and their specific function in Georgia; 2) degree of coordination and interrelation between these institutions; 3) Efficiency of implemented anti-corruption reforms and separate activities and the problems inherent in this field. The study is based on the survey with participation of the representatives of government and civil sector, viewpoints observed at the meetings of focus groups and the analysis of relevant legislative basis.

The presentation also included “Annual report on Development of Local Democracy in Georgia -2006” which was prepared and published within the framework of the foundation program The Rule of Law and Public Administration. The mentioned report is the first example of description of the process of reform in the sphere of self-governance in Georgia. It aims at, on one hand, promoting the process of regular reviews of the mentioned issue; on the other hand, precipitating creation of relevant normative basis via providing necessary recommendations.

Separate attention was granted to e-manual “Everything concerning legislation and procedures for local self-governance”. The manual was elaborated by OSGF program The Rule of Law and Public Administration in partnership with Georgian Young Economists Associations and Reform centre of effective governance system and territorial arrangement. Manual is an electronic edition (on CD) and contains information concerning regulative legislation and procedures on local self-governance as well as statistics and reference book on municipalities.