Presentation of the Report- Problems Related to the Property Rights Protection in Georgia

11 Jul, 2011

Presentation of the Report “Problems related to the Property Rights Protection in Georgia”
(Mestia Case)

Date & Time:
July 12, 12pm
Location: Open Society Georgia Foundation, 10, Chovelidze street

July 12, 2011, Tbilisi – Protection of property rights has become more challenging in Georgia especially after declaration of Svaneti, Anaklia, Gonio and Black Sea adjacent territories as touristic zones and after large-scale infrastructural projects were launched. Under the existing circumstances interest of potential investors is growing that consequently creates feasible background for the perspective of economic development in the future. However, except positive outcomes, following the transformation of these territories into touristic zones interests of local population have been infringed.

Against a backdrop of particular interest in properties of local citizens a number of property rights violations have been recorded in these zones up to now.
All the above quoted urged necessity of prompt reaction from behalf of local NGOs. Four NGOs with Open Society Georgia Foundation’s support started implementation of the project: “Protection of property rights in new touristic regions” that envisages study of the concrete cases on the field meeting with local population, collection of relevant data according to legal methods via requesting public information.

The report “Problems related to the Property Rights Protection” to be presented on July 12 represents the second stage of the study highlighting cases of Svaneti and providing legal assessment and analysis of the ties with ongoing processes in the country. In Svaneti, locals own real estate for centuries as the so- called “traditional ownership” and this property in most cases is not registered. After the presentation discussions will be held.

First results of the study were presented in April, where attention was drawn on the cases that papered in the village of Gonio (Settlement by the Black Sea in the autonomous republic of Adjara).

Representatives of international organizations, NGOs, government, media and political parties will be invited to the presentation.

The project is carried out by Association “Green Alternative”, Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association, Transparency International Georgia and Regional Media Association of Georgia with the support of Open Society Georgia Foundation.

Contact person: Ana Toklikishvili, Open Society Georgia Foundation; Cell phone: 595 221 999; E-mail address: