Factors Encouraging Nepotism and Cronyism In The Judiciary Of Georgia

23 Sep, 2022
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Responsible Person for the Research: Nazi Janezashvili, Director of the Georgian Court Watch
Author of the Study: Nino Tsereteli
The research was carried out by Tamar Avaliani – A Legal Expert
Salome Kvirikashvili – Researcher
Layout illustration: Mariam Sikharulidze

The aim of the study is to assess the extent of non-meritocratic approaches and more specifically nepotism and cronyism in the judicial system of Georgia, and the identification of formal and informal factors, which encourage the establishment and maintenance of these approaches. Emphasis is on the shortcomings in the legislation and the problems with legislation implementation, as well as on the role of informal influences, norms, and mechanisms1 in staffing the courts.

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