In Isolation- Photography Catalog about quarantine experience

20 Oct, 2020
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“In Isolation” is the photography project initiated by Georgian Artist Niko Tsetskhaldze and it resonates with the experience of the people having spent pandemic months in isolation. Covid-19 pandemic impacted all aspects of our lives and slowed down social, cultural, political, and economic life in the world and Georgia has not been an exception.  This period was difficult but at the same time, interesting for those artists whose artistic life is connected and inspired by social interconnections and impressions. “Self-Isolation” is the series created within the period of the mandatory quarantine and consists of photos sent by author’s friends and those who wish to participate in the project.

The quarantine and isolation unlocked people’s capabilities and interests that have been left beyond in peaceful time and usual daily routine. The Chair has become the most significant requisite during isolation, the place where people spent most of their time and made history.  The photo catalog presented at the event shows chairs and private spaces of hundreds of people representing mainly the art field and diverse professions.

“Isolation” is the series of photos taken each day of the quarantine period. It describes the room I have been waking up in every morning and the city view my window is overlooking.”-Niko Tsetskhladze, the author.