Measures to Combat Homelessness – International Review

9 Dec, 2019
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Housing policy and housing rights have historically been the most retarded areas of the social security system (Torgersen, 1987). Since the 1990s, this situation has slowly changed. Homelessness has been recognized as a major global problem and the structural aspects such as dramatic changes in the labor market and weak social policies have been identified as the main underlying causes (Hopper, Susser & Conover, 1985; Burt, 1997; Loopstra, 2015). In countries with a well-developed welfare system, social policies based on the concepts of equal access to housing and the ‘Housing First’ approach, have been gradually strengthened. Housing, as a fundamental human right, should be guaranteed to citizens by legislative acts whereas it should be realized through state political documents – strategy and action plans.

Author: Tina Kipshidze

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