Proposal of Georgian Think Tanks on the Future Strategic Direction of the Eastern Partnership

16 Dec, 2019
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The proposed publication was prepared by five Georgian think tanks analyzing Georgia-EU relations. The initiative was backed and coordinated by EU Integration Program of Open Society Georgia Foundation. This is the united effort of representatives of Georgian think tank community to respond to Eastern Partnership Structural consultation launched by European Union in 2019.

This report finds a great deal of potential win-wins for both the EU and EaP countries arising from a deeper engagement: security cooperation, in terms of the fight against radicalization and security sector reform, as well as  more proactive EU engagement in transforming protracted conflicts in the region would meet EU’s strategic security needs.   Support to regional connectivity across new sectors such as ICT and, where relevant, trade and energy policies could foster job creation and sustainable development as well as much needed intra-regional cooperation in a contested and fragmented region.

Prepared by:  Georgian Center for Strategy and Development (GCSD), Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies (Rondeli Foundation), Georgian Institute of Politics (GIP), Georgia’s Reforms Associates (GRASS), The Levan Mikeladze Foundation with support of Open Society Georgia Foundation.