Readiness of Social Workers Towards Existing Challenges in Child Welfare Practice

20 Mar, 2018
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Authors: Inga Saitadze, Darejan Dvalishvili
Published with the financial support of the Open Society Georgia Foundation.

The present research focuses on the readiness of social workers for child welfare practice in the Republic of Georgia. The main objectives of the
study are to evaluate and analyze the following:
1. Provide an overview and analyze job descriptions and responsibilities of social workers working in child welfare in Georgia.
2. Evaluate existing social work academic programs in Georgia, particularly the curriculum and the compliance with the practical needs of the field of social work.
3. Shed light on existing issues in the child welfare system and initiate the dialogue among stakeholders (the representatives of social work academic
programs, the State Social Service Agency administrators, professional organizations and experts)

The research was conducted during the period of March – June 2016. Interviews were held with social workers employed at state and local non-profit child welfare organizations, senior social workers and other representatives of the Social Service Agency (SSA), professors/instructors and final year students of e social work academic programs (Bachelor and Master’s of Arts). In addition, this report provides a short historical overview of the development of social work in Georgia and a brief description of the curriculums of social work academic programs as well as the job descriptions of social workers in child welfare.