Ultranationalist Narrative of Online Groups in Georgia

27 Dec, 2019
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The present study was written in July 2019. It provides an overview of the main narrative(s) of ultranationalist groups in order to better understand the relevant issues that tend to periodically frame the agendas of popular public discussions.

We, the authors of the study, are both observers (for the purpose of this study) and participants of the process (meaning all the social and political events that are happening in Georgia), making it impossible for us to distance ourselves from the events researched. In addition, the abundance of information and data pertaining to the study has complicated the task of researchers to include all relevant matters within the confines of a single paper. Therefore, we have highlighted only those important issues, the analysis of which, in our opinion, will make a worthy contribution to the study of the Georgian ultranationalist discourse.

What distinguishes this study from other similar attempts is our focus on the Internet, a rapidly changing and versatile research area. This study represents an attempt to capture some recurring and stable trends in an otherwise fluid environment in the hope that we can stimulate thought and further discussion thereon.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all respondents for generously giving us their time, to members of academia for their expertise and recommendations, and supporters for their encouragement.

Authors and researchers: Ketevan Sartania, Aleksandre Tsurkava
Assistance in meme content analysis: Temur Gugushvili
Research assistant: Ana Mikadze
Study supervisor and Editor: Ekaterine Chitanava

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