Who Owned Georgia 2003-2012

20 Dec, 2012
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With the support from the Open Society Georgia Foundation Transparency International Georgia in collaboration with journalist Paul Rimple have published a book: Who Owned Georgia 2003-2012. Written in the format of a novel it leads the reader through an interesting selection of short stories from the world of telecommunications to broadcasting, advertising, oil, pharmaceuticals and mining. These anecdotes describe the businessmen and the companies, past and current, who owned and controlled significant shares in important sectors of the Georgian economy and their ties with members of the former government.

Encompassing the period from 2003 until 2012 when control of Georgia’s state institutions and large companies passed from one political regime and their allies to another. In this book the author has tried to establish the real people behind these companies, many of which are shell companies registered in offshore jurisdictions.  This evocative glimpse of post revolutionary Georgia through a sample of case study industries will enable the reader to form a view and initiate a discussion on the current state of the country and who controls it.

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