Renovated Frontline Club Hhosted 2nd Tbilisi Media Conference

3 Dec, 2013

The second annual Tbilisi Media Conference was held on 29 December at the renovated Frontline Club, 62 Lado Asatiani St. The event was sponsored by the Open Society Georgia Foundation, with opening remarks by its executive director, Keti Khutsishvili.

Approximately 100 representatives of different media outlets, international and local non-governmental organizations, as well as government officials, took part in the event.
International and local media experts considered four key issues:

  •   The impact of a new political reality on the media;
  •   The challenges of digital broadcasting;
  •   Reform of the Georgian Public Broadcaster; and
  •   The need for financial transparency of the media and advertising market.

The presentation of each topic was followed by discussions, during which participants considered the present condition of Georgian media and its development prospects.
Further details about the topics of the conference and information about the speakers are available at
The event was organized by the Coalition for Media Advocacy and OSGF.

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