Renovated Frontline Club Launched

3 Dec, 2013

On 29 November at 7 p.m., the renovated Frontline Georgia Club opened its doors at a new location, 62 Asatiani St.  The event was supported by the Open Society Georgia Foundation (OSGF).  The club will be managed by the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA).

The club is open to the public.  It will host public meetings and serve as a venue for informal discussions on various issues drawing public interest.

The Frontline Club will be a meeting place for journalists, bloggers, representatives of non-governmental organizations and civil activists, as are other Frontline Clubs in different cities around the world.

The opening ceremony was attended by OSGF Director Keti Khutsishvili, GIPA Director Marina Ioseliani and Marie Straters, representative of the Open Society Foundation- London Office.

Frontline Georgia cooperates closely with the Frontline Club-London, which has branches in a number of countries.

Earlier on opening day, the Frontline Club hosted the Tbilisi Media Conference 2013.

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