Submitting Portfolios of Supreme Court Judicial Candidates

19 Sep, 2019

The Open Society Georgia Foundation has published individual portfolios of Supreme Court judicial candidates.

The portfolios offer profiles of twenty judicial candidates selected/nominated by the High Council of Justice based on oral interviews with the candidates, summarizing key facts and providing little evaluation.

On September 23, the Parliament begins open and public individual hearings of the candidates in the committee format. In this process, these documents are a source of additional information for the members of the Georgian Parliament, media and public about the experience, the achievements, and the potential conflicts of interest of the candidates in question as well as other pertinent issues of interest.

Information about the candidates was obtained from public sources by the group of independent experts and includes the following information:

  • Professional/academic activities and traits/behavior demonstrated by the candidates;
  • Cases of professional misconduct;
  • Promotions and awards received for performing professional activities;
  • Conflict with the law/conflict of interest;
  • Public activities/positions and behavior;
  • Financial liabilities and income.

This was an alternative process of gathering, processing, and analyzing information about the candidates, conducted in parallel with the interviews that were broadcast live.