Success Story: Two Georgians at Harvard College

8 Aug, 2012

Two Georgians Archil Cheishvili and Saba Beridze got admitted at Harvard College.

“I am delighted to report that the Admissions Committee has asked me to inform you that you will be admitted to the Harvard College Class of 2016, and that a formal letter of admission will be sent on March 29. We send such an early positive indication only to outstanding applicants”…

It was absolutely amazing to read William R. Fitzsimmons’ (dean of admissions and financial aid) words after being notified that Harvard College was impressed by these students’ application.

As for the background of these students both graduated from public schools.

Archil Cheishvili took IELTS, ACT and two SAT subject tests in World History and Math with excellent scores. As for his extracurricular activities, he was a president of the class. Besides, he had been playing Basketball for years, taking guitar and dance classes. He was also participating in different Olympiads taking medals.

Saba Beridze took TOEFL, SAT and three SAT subjects tests in Math Leve1 and 2 and US History with highest scores. At school he was a student government president. He took dance and piano classes for seven years. He was successfully participating in Olympiads, being a winner several times. As a winner in one of the Olympiads he was chosen to be sent to a Language Course in London.

As for financial aid, Archil Cheishvili received 57.000$ per academic year (5000$ covered by family). As for Saba Beridze he received full financial support including travel.

Archil Cheishvili and Saba Beridze have gone through all the stages of the long application process with an EducationUSA adviser, regularly attending individual and group advising sessions, weekly lectures, movie nights and almost all the other events organized by Center for International Education. They also actively used CIE Resource Center. Saba Beridze also took TOEFL preparation classes at CIE. CIE Tbilisi staff is proud that Archil and Saba applied and got admitted at Harvard College with the help of EducationUSA advisers and we firmly believe that they will be among the most outstanding students at Harvard College.

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