The civil society expresses its solidarity with "Palitra Media"

29 Mar, 2023

We, the signatory organizations, are extremely concerned about the ongoing processes surrounding one of Georgia’s oldest and independent media holdings, “Palitra Media”.


After the forced repeal of the Russian law, the Georgian Dream party, through its satellite parties, organizations, and propaganda media outlets, has launched an open and undisguised campaign to discredit independent media outlets and civil society organizations, as well as any groups that are not directly dependent on Georgian Dream. This campaign is sacrificing Georgia’s long-term foreign policy and national interests.


The campaign launched against Palitra Holding once again clearly indicates that the ruling party is not interested in the European integration of Georgia or the fulfillment of the 12 recommendations defined by the European Union; Instead of depolarization, the government is trying to deepen polarization, which poses a direct threat to Georgia’s European future.


We express our solidarity to “Palitra Holding” and all media outlets under open and undisguised attack by the Georgian Dream and its satellite parties, organizations, and propaganda media outlets.


We call on the ruling party to demonstrate responsibility to the citizens and the future of Georgia and refuse to carry out a targeted and coordinated attack against independent media, civil society, and strategic allies and partners of Georgia, make concrete steps for depolarization, fulfill the 12 recommendations of the European Union and secure Georgia’s European future.