The Constitution of Georgia in Georgian-Abkhazian Languages

27 Jan, 2010

On November 12, the report of the project “Legal support to Upper Abkhazia” funded by Open Society Georgia Foundation and constitution in Georgian-Abkhazian languages issued within framework of the mentioned project were presented at the government administration building of Abkhazia.

The translation of the constitution of Georgia into Abkhazian language constituted one of the important activities of the project and was carried out by the Institute of Georgian-Abkhazian relations.

In addition to the publication of Constitution in Abkhazian language, the project considered a set of activities in Upper Abkhazia and was carried out in different directions with various priorities: provision of lectures-seminars, meetings, educational activities aiming at heightening legal education level in various groups; assisting local civil servants in enhancing skills for application of legislation in practice; introduction of new legal acts to local self-governing bodies; founding Non-governmental organizations locally.

Consultations were provided to population about topical issues; namely, concerning entrepreneurship, taxation, civil laws, small business development, opportunities for obtaining micro loans and grants. The project “legal support to Upper Abkhazia” was being implemented by the Centre for Crime studies and Prognosis in terms of the project “The Rule of Law and Public Administration” of Open Society Georgia Foundation.

The project implementators emphasized the merit of Open society Georgia Foundation in fighting against the crime, research and capacity building activities and awarded the executive director of the foundation David Darchiashvili with certificate of gratitude.