The First Day of the ITV Conference

14 Apr, 2010

On 16th April 2010,  Singular Group and Open Society – Georgia Foundation hosted the first conference on Internet Television. The event took place in the Old Tbilisi Hotel. The second session will take place on April 29.

The conference aims at raising awareness and improving knowledge on internet television for experienced and starting journalists, bloggers, social media specialists, web developers, designers, and marketers. At the first day of the event the guest speakers from Singapore and Georgia covered social media potential and social side of internet broadcasting with a special emphasis on social effect of Internet TV, concept of blogging and video blogging, generating of the popular video content and standards of online broadcasting.

The second day (April 29) will focus on technical and journalistic aspects of Internet broadcasting.

In conference days, the live video at ITVC.GE is available. Spectators of the first live video session were able to send online questions which were answered by invited experts and discussed in the audience.

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