The letter of the Georgian Civil Society to the Ambassador of the United States to Georgia

6 Sep, 2023

Amb. Degnan,

On behalf of the civil society of Georgia, we would like to convey our deepest gratitude for your tenure as the U.S. Ambassador to Georgia and for the support that Georgia and Georgian Civil Society have always felt from the United States of America – and you personally in the face of immense challenges.

Your tenure in Georgia coincided with tragic and historic developments, both in Georgia and Ukraine. Your steadfast commitment to our nation’s independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity fills us with immense gratitude and exemplifies the friendship and true strategic partnership Georgia enjoys. Your resolute stand on the importance of the path to rejoining the European Nations family, ending the Russian occupation of Abkhazia and the Tskhinvali region, necessity of vigilance regarding Russia sanctions, and the robustness of the U.S.-Georgia cooperation is testament to your unwavering commitment to our security and democratic aspirations. Your message to our citizens, urging us to actively participate in the electoral process, resonates deeply with our democratic aspirations that the civil society of Georgia nourishes.

In the face of politically motivated insults and criticism, your patient response is commendable, emphasizing the long-standing U.S.-Georgia partnership and highlighting the perils of disinformation tactics.

Ambassador Degnan, your profound respect for Georgian culture and our aspirations towards a democratic and European future, as well as your diligent service, support, and dedication to our country, its citizens, and civil society have been invaluable.

We are confident that the bonds forged during your tenure will continue to flourish.


With profound respect and gratitude,


  1. Europe-Georgia Institute (EGI)
  2. Human Rights Center (HRC)
  3. Democracy Index – Georgia (DIG)
  4. Georgian Court Watch
  5. International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy (ISFED)
  6. Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association (GYLA)
  7. Civic IDEA
  8. Media Development Foundation (MDF)
  9. Open Society Georgia Foundation (OSGF)
  10. Women Engage for a Common Future (WECF) – Georgia
  11. Democracy Defenders Georgia
  12. Kvemo Kartli Media (
  13. Guria Civic Center
  14. ProActive Group Georgia
  15. Civic Movement for Freedom
  16. Femina
  17. Franklin Club
  18. Georgia’s Future Academy
  19. Reforms and Research Group (RRG)
  20. New Agora (NA)
  21. World of Tolerance (WT)
  22. CDD – Center for Development and Democracy
  23. EuroClub Kvareli
  24. Movement “The future of Chiatura”
  25. Civic Initiatives and Innovations Center (CIIC)
  26. Active Civic Initiative (ACI)
  27. Public Movement “YouCreator”
  28. Endowment “ProDemos”
  29. SECTOR 3 – Hub for Development
  30. Civic Initiatives and Innovations Center (CIIC)
  31. Movement “The future of Chiatura”
  32. EuroClub Kvareli
  33. Public Movement “Chiatura of the Future”
  34. Eco Club Chiatura
  35. Democracy Research Institute (DRI)
  36. The Chavchavadze Center (CCenter)