Transparent International Financial Aid to Georgia – presentation of the monitoring results for 1 year

11 May, 2010

TV /Radio

Radio “Imedi” – Radio Broadcast

Radio “Commersant” – Radio Broadcast

Radio “Utsnobi” – Radio Broadcast

TV Company “Rustavi 2” – TV Broadcast

TV Company “Alania”


Internet Media-ITV.GE

Caucasus Internet Media Group – “Millions promised by donors and unforeseen gaps”


Print Media

Newspaper “24 Hours” – “How the money allocated by donors for Georgia is being spent”

Newspaper “Akhali Taoba” – The NGOs will control the financial aid allocated for the IDPs


Newspaper “Banks and Finances” – How effectively does the Soros Foundation monitor 4,5 billion dollars allocated as assistance to Georgia

Newspaper “Banks and Finances” – Misha will leave and we will miss him

Newspaper “Georgian Times” – Brussels Donors’ Pledge: One Year Later

Most of the credit taken by Georgia comes from the World Bank


Georgia‘s state budget for 2009 and macroeconomic aspects

Newspaper “Kviris Palitra” – Donors “money” has been ruined?!


Newspaper “Kviris Palitra” – How Donors “money” is spent

Newspaper “Rezonansi” – How the millions allocated after the war are being spent


Newspaper “Rezonansi” – The monitoring results of donor funds will be published

Newspaper “Republic of Georgia” – Chichikia, make penal! (Part 1)


Newspaper “Republic of Georgia” – Chichikia, make penal! (Part 2)

Newspaper “Svobodnaia Gruzia” – Transparency of major expenditures


Newspaper “The Messenger” – Open Society Foundation presents monitoring results