Visiting Children’s Home in Kachreti

12 Apr, 2010

The Open Society Georgia Foundation visited Kachreti Children’s home in the end of March. This institution takes care of approximately eighty children from different regions of Georgia who live in the school because of extremely bad social conditions. The Azeri children are also among other young inhabitants of the home and as the school director noted their main motivation is to integrate with Georgian children and learn the Georgian language.

The administration of the children’s home applies every effort in order to create a cozy and family environment for the children, but the school does not possess sufficient resources to satisfy all the needs and therefore calls for support from the society. One of the main among existing necessities is to guarantee the successful integration into the social life outside the home.

Though the children’s home is located in the village Kachreti and communication with the local population is possible without any interference from other representatives of the society, the children living there find it difficult to establish relations with the village children of their age (for example play together or participate in some entertaining activities) and communicate successfully.

The Open Society Georgia Foundation made a decision to help solving this problem and visited the home in January. The conversations with the inmates of the school revealed that most of all they are interested in sport games, especially football.  During the second visit, the representatives of the foundation provided the children with sport equipment, special clothes and other staff needed for entertaining-cognitive activities. The school children will have the opportunity to plan their time and use it adequately, develop their personal skills and abilities, foster self-esteem and integrate into the circle of other Kachreti children.

Children are looking forward to the next visit of the OSGF representatives who will be joined by the representatives of “Arveladze” foundation and other famous Georgian sportsmen.