Visiting Surami Orphanage

29 Jan, 2010


Inmates of Surami Orphanage for Orphans and Children lacking Care are expecting Open Society – Georgia Foundation employees by the end of each year. They knew for sure that friends of many years won’t forsake them this year either and will make them happy with the good-hearted visit.

The Foundation haven’t departed from the custom and, just like every other year, has visited the Orphanage on St. Barbara’s Day and endowed 49 inmates with warm clothing, drawing accessories, toys, souvenirs and New Year’s sweets.

This year’s visit slightly differed from the ones before. Along with Foundation employees, “Children of Surami” have been visited by teenagers displaced from Tskhinvali and Abkhazia and amused inmates with Khurvaleti Tales told through puppet performance. Hosts kept pace with the guests and answered with New Year’s Festival full of poetry, sing-song and dancing.

As opposed to orphanages closer to the capital, Surami Orphanage is in need of more attention – the very reason for the Foundation along with other volunteers to be visiting inmates for many years giving all the help they could.