Visual Representation of Problems Posing Shavshvebi, Khurvaleti and Tsitelubani Youth

18 Sep, 2013


Society Biliki has been implementing a project named ‘Integration of Georgian, Ossetian and Internally Displaced Young People and Support for Their Civil Participation’ as part of the Advancing National Integration program.   

Video footages present in 40 seconds the current environment for young people in the villages of the conflict zones – Tsitelubani, Shavshvebi and Khurvaleti.  Two video footages deal with water problems in the Shavshvebi School and the Khurvaleti village.  The third one is dedicated to a problem of the landfill in Tsitelubani.

Young people working in the journalistic studio of Society Biliki and living in the villages took part in preparing the scripts and concept and shooting of the social ads.

Problem of the landfill in the Tsitelubani Village:

Landfill problem in Tsitelubani village from SocietyBiliki on Vimeo.


Drinking water problem in Shavshvebi school from SocietyBiliki on Vimeo.


Drinking water problem in Khurvaleti village from SocietyBiliki on Vimeo.


Advancing National Integration Program is implemented by the Open Society Georgia Foundation and United Nations Association of Georgia with financial support from USAID