“We choose Peace” Presentation of project activities and results

28 Jan, 2010


The project aimed at contributing to regulation of Georgia-Ossetia conflict, restoration of peacekeeping and mutual trust in the region via initiating joint involvement of Georgian and Ossetian Women.

Following project objectives were set:

–     Increasing the role of woman in peaceful resolution of Georgia-Ossetia conflict via enhancing women’s education in peace-building;

–         Elaborating format of cooperation and coordinated activities of Georgian and South Ossetian de-facto government;

–         Encouraging bi-lateral initiatives by promoting restoration of trust and relations between conflicting parties.

A representative body was established in terms of the project “Coordinating council” (two Georgian and two Ossetian women) for joint planning and organization of activities in Tbilisi and Tskhinvali. The activities were divided in two stages.

Training-seminars for participants meeting criteria selected in Tbilisi, Tskhinvali and Batumi (Motivated Ossetian and Georgia woman – displaced person, from mixed and conflict affected families, teachers, professionals of healthcare, press, culture, etc; socially active and motivated, in/above the age of 25 years. Meetings of coordinating council members were organized in Tbilisi and Tskhinvali.

Project provided analysis of means to prevent grave results of the past and current experiences. Recommendations for conflict resolution were designed.

The results of project activities make the significant local resource in peacekeeping which can be applied at any level of decision-making in resolving Georgia-Ossetian conflict and achieving peaceful co-existence of Georgian and Ossetian people.

The trainees of project gave positive assessment to project which will contribute to fostering their skills for working with community. The meeting discussed the ways of strengthening influence of civil peaceful initiative on the politics.



Mikheil Mirziashvili
Integration and Civic Education Program