Website on Statistics of Public Information Provided by State Agencies

30 Mar, 2011

March 25, 2011

A new website GiveMeInfo has been launched in the Internet space. The goal of the web site is to make the flow of public information more open in Georgia.

The idea of the website belongs to Georgian journalist David Chaganava. Yet a year ago having presented the project he was named as the winner of the Social Innovation Camp Caucasus held in Tbilisi. Owing to the cash prize and thanks to the financial backing of the Open Society Georgia Foundation the website was made possible.

The website content is being created by users themselves, the ones frequently requesting public information, in particular journalists and NGO representatives. Entering data is confidential. The application form on the response to the requested information requires answers to few questions.

The statistics posted on the website are divided into five main categories to detect irrelevant, ignored, incomplete, rejected, and lately responded request for public information.

“The website will show how different agencies and ministries are dealing with public information flow. It is going to be a kind of map portraying flow of information. Currently we are conducting talks with different NGOs to make them enter data regarding requested info. Not many are aware of the website therefore the data posted on the website is not that rich. Somehow they think it takes time while the procedure is no longer than few minutes,” said Davit Chaganava reporting to

The website will be added few more categories, he said.