Why do people dislike George Soros?- Please them, Throw Eggs at Him- Web Portal NET GAZETI published the article about George Soros

27 May, 2010

Here you can view the first lines of the article published on the web portal NET GAZETI. The full version is available in Georgian.

If one could make an effort and guess who is the person mentioned most frequently before the elections in Georgia?

We are all well aware of “what” is mentioned – the church, either ruined or built by the government (depends on who is talking), orthodoxy, national mentality. But it is not yet clear “who” is mentioned. Probably Mikheil Saakashvili on the first place, if we believe to the opposition – if there is no Mikheil Saakashvili our country will blossom out. The “second” one is definitely not Georgian.

No, this “second” one is not Bush or Putin, neither Baghapshi nor Kokoiti and by the way it is not Sandra Roulofs.  This “second” person has only one thing in common with Georgia – the “Open Society Georgia Foundation” that was established here in 1994 and since that has been a shelter for thousands of Georgian scientists, has saved thousands of churches from being ruined, has taught thousands of young individuals computer and English.

But nobody says “thank you” to the founder of this foundation. Even the government of Georgia that should be grateful to this man for the success of “the Rose Revolution” is clearly trying to avoid any identification with him.