Workshop for policemen: the problem in a policeman’s view

29 Jan, 2010


On October 30, 2009 at Open Society Georgia Foundation’s office was held a seminar for policemen on “Domestic violence in Georgia in the police’s view: facts, problems, decisions”.

The seminar was led by Estonian experts. The results of survey conducted in 2008 with participation of 201 policemen were presented.

  •  92% of the questioned policemen consider domestic violence a serious problem;
  •  Every four case in the police is related to domestic violence;
  •  81% of policemen and 86% of patrol policemen consider that women are the victims of domestic violence;
  •  Very often mothers and virgins become the victims of violence;
  •  21 to 30 year aged married women very often are the victims of physical harassment;
  •  16 to 20 year aged women often become victims of sexual harassment;
  •  According to 92% of policemen, out of the types of violence committed against the women, the domestic violence shall be pointed out.

Survey was conducted in terms of the project “Strengthening administrative capacity of Georgia for prevention of domestic violence and assistance of victims” which is being implemented by National Network against violence with support of the Ministry of Foreign affairs of Estonia in partnership with Estonian Open Society Institute.

The project aims at sharing Estonia’s experience in prevention of domestic violence, elaborating effective control mechanism for violence reduction, and also assisting the victims.

“Our countries have experience of USSR in common and thus, many problems are similar. It is necessary to share experiences in different fields. The police carry responsibility for fighting against the domestic violence. The law in your country is a precondition for successful police operation; the potential and openness of police in these issues is hope giving” – says Marika Juzie, Estonian police psychiatrist.

Estonian experts will deliver a seminar for physician-gynecologists. In 2008 a survey was also conducted with participation of pregnant women and gynecologist.