Youth Involvement in Public Life – Moldova’s Example

29 Jun, 2012

On June 2-9, 2012 representatives of Georgian youth organizations and local government officials working on youth issues visited Moldova along with Serbian partners for a study visit. They were invited by FACLIA, a non-governmental organization, as part of the East East: Partnership without Borders program.

East East: Partnership Beyond Borders is a network program of the Open Society Foundations, which supports experience sharing among representatives of civil societies of post Soviet and Eastern European states.  The experience is shared in different ways, however, most often through study visits.  As part of the program Georgian youth representatives visit the respective countries, while foreign guests visit Georgia.

This time, group visiting Moldova learned about the country’s experience on youth issues.  Group members met with youth organizations working on the questions like youth employment, promotion of youth activities, volunteering, participation of young people in the development of business etc.

“We would like to learn on spot about the involvement of young people in public life, their work in this direction, things that are new to us, the experience we could share with them and vice versa”, said Nini Popkhadze, a representative of Droni, an organization.

Ungen, basic host of the group, is the city which has gained the status of the most youthful capital this year according to the traditions existing in Moldova.  The city is also known for its industry, strong business sector and a relatively high employment rate. 

In Ungen group members visited a local organization, which employs 360 young volunteers. The organization carries out employment projects for young people aged 16-27. The organization is perfectly adapted for employees with limited abilities.

„This organization has rather impressive infrastructure complex, including a sports and recreation complex, training and conference halls, the educational and entertainment center etc.  All this is perfectly tailored to youth environment, where any young person can show his/her talent and skills, and set concrete ideas and goals.   The organization supports young people to develop their skills in different directions,” said Nini Popkhadze.

Nini Popkhadze about the details of the study visit.