NGOs Visit to Brussels

17 Feb, 2020

On 18-21 February, in Brussels, NGOs will present a Report on the Implementation of the Association Agreement.

Organized and supported by the Open Society Foundation, representatives of four NGOs will travel to Brussels for an advocacy visit. The Association Agreement was signed 6 years ago. Since then the Open Society Georgia Foundation and several NGOs have been monitoring and preparing an alternative report on the reforms implemented within the framework of the Association Agenda. The monitoring results are presented every year in Georgia and Brussels.

The purpose of the visit is to familiarize the representatives of the European Parliament, the European External Actions Service and the international missions accredited to the EU with the results of the monitoring of the actions envisaged by the Association Agreement. The report reflects on the current situation in Georgia in terms of justice, corruption and environmental protection. The topic of elections will also be discussed.

The visit will start on 18 February, at 09.30, with a public event dedicated to Georgia at the European Endowment for Democracy. The event is entitled: The Struggle for Democracy in Georgia and Its Impact on the European Integration. The keynote speaker is Andrius Kubilius (former Prime Minister of Lithuania, currently a Member of the European Parliament from the EPP and a Chairman of the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly).

Representatives of the following non-governmental organizations are participating in the visit: Open Society Georgia Foundation: Vano Chkhikvadze and Sopho Asatiani, Green Alternative: Manana Kochladze, TI Georgia: Giorgi Oniani, ISFED: Misha Benidze.