Protection from Covid-19 - Yeni Koronavirus Nədir? (COVID-19)-Ի՞նչ Է Նոր Կորոնավիրուսը (COVID-19)

21 Mar, 2020

In recent weeks, we have witnessed the emergence of a new virus, Covid-19, that has caused a most unexpected outbreak of a disease in the world in recent decades. Georgia has also faced this challenge after the first confirmed case on February 26. On March 12, the World Health Organization declared a pandemic. The worldwide statistics on the spread of infection is updated on a specially created website Information on the current situation in Georgia can be found on the website of the National Center for Disease Control and the designated website –

With the support of the Open Society Georgia Foundation, several initiatives have been undertaken to raise awareness among ethnic minorities and persons with disabilities.

Information materials, prepared by the Center for Disease Control and Public Health,  was translated into Armenian and Azeri languages for dissemination in the municipalities populated by ethnic minorities.

Instructions for people with low vision, people who are blind and or on autistic spectrum, who are often left behind the information distributed in the usual and standard form.

The video materials prepared by the Open Society Georgia Foundation in collaboration with the Clinic “Neolab” were prepared in accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organization.