Coronavirus Spread Prevention Work of Health Authorities

27 Mar, 2020

Photo: Radio Liberty, Mzia Saganelidze

In recent weeks, we have witnessed the emergence of a new virus, Covid-19, that has caused a most unexpected outbreak of a disease in the world in recent decades. Georgia is also facing this challenge after the first confirmed case on February 26.

Since January, the National Center for Disease Control of Georgia has been conducting important measures to prevent the spread of the new virus aiming for early detection, isolation of potential cases of infection and creation of quarantine zones. The designated website and the website of the Center for Disease Control are operating effectively, providing up-to-date and reliable information to the population of Georgia on the dynamics of virus protection and spread.

We express our special gratitude to the doctors, nurses, medical staff and border guards who deal with the detection, treatment, and care of patients with great responsibility and dedication.

We thank the health authorities of Georgia, especially the Heads of the National Center for Disease Control Amiran Gamkrelidze and Paata Imnadze, and all the staff thanks to whose professionalism the extremely difficult process of preventing the spread of the disease is managed in a coordinated manner. We are happy that their work has received international recognition and as well as a positive assessment from the World Health Organization. [1]

At this critical stage, the role of the Lugar Center for Public Health Research, which identifies cases of infection within a few hours, has been invaluable. Prompt response is an important factor in preventing the spread of the virus and protecting our population.

It is our great hope that Georgian citizens will treat the recommendations of the Georgian Centers for Disease Control with great responsibility, and take care of themselves and those around them so that we could avoid any new cases of the virus spread and its consequences.