Supporting Ukrainian children

18 Dec, 2022

Nino Katamadze Foundation, with the support of the Open Society Georgia Foundation, implements the Open Space project, the objective of which is the cognitive development and socialization of Ukrainian children and adolescents who came to Georgia after the war. It should be noted that at the Open Space, along with the children, the parents also can, if they wish so, participate in various activities which are equally fun and pleasant for them.

Every weekend is planned and organized for the children; these days they are hosted by the office of the Open Society Foundation. At the Foundation office, children have the opportunity to unwind and, together with specialists, acquire the basic skills that will be useful for them later in life. Over 6 months, 100 children will attend art therapy groups, will be given cognitive lessons in art history and leadership, and through games organized by a psychologist, will develop teamwork skills which will improve their communication and interpersonal skills.