Open Society Georgia Foundation to support students living adjacent to the occupation line

5 May, 2023

They go to school, play and every day look at Russian military bases, from which the sound of shooting and explosions can be systematically heard – this is how children live in the villages located near the occupation line.


It is difficult to share the stress of these young people and the permanently renewed feelings of pain they are suffering as a result of the war. However, it is easy to understand that they are in need of moral support and better opportunities for development.


As a counterweight to these circumstances, the process of teaching and learning was improved for some 80 students and 44 teachers in 3 public schools of Kareli municipality. After a thorough assessment of the needs of middle schools in the villages of Avlevi, Knolev, and Atsoti, with the support of the Open Society Georgia Foundation, a panel of independent education consultants provided local schoolchildren with computer equipment and learning materials.


The schoolchildren made their own wish list – books, a globe, or a laptop. As a result of fruitful cooperation with motivated teachers, a learning resource and a good base for future social or infrastructural projects were established.


Providing moral support for the schoolchildren residing adjacent to the occupation line and empowering them with educational opportunities will play a positive role in improving the social life of local families and these villages in general.