Training for Physicians - Health and Human Rights

25 Dec, 2015

On December 19-20 and 23-24, 2015 the Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association with the financial support of Open Society Georgia Foundation conducted training on patient rights within the framework of the project on “Human Rights in Patient Care”. The training was attended by 60 doctors and five lawyers from different medical institutions.

The sessions covered the following issues:

  • Situation analysis of health systems and healthcare in Georgia;
  • Human rights and patient rights. How the Georgian healthcare system contributes to the protection of the rights of the patient;
  • Differences between the rights/health rights of medical service providers and patient rights;
  • The aim of the Law on Personal Data Protection; Basis for processing personal data of special category; Diagnosis, as the basic issue for the physician-patient relationship;
  • Practical aspects of health-related personal data processing, the disclosure of patient information to third parties;

The training sessions were led by the health expert Sophio Lebanidze, Nikoloz Bregvadze, Deputy Inspector of Personal Data Protection, Salome Bakhsoliani, Head of Legal Department and Tamar Dekanosidze, the strategic litigation lawyer at the Georgian Young Lawyers Association.

Training participants were represented from Ltd Madison, Senaki Maternity Hospital LLC, EVEX Medical Corporation, Military Hospital, Clinic GIDMEDI, M. Iashvili Children’s Central Hospital, Insurance Company Imedi L, Children’s New Clinic, Jo Ann Medical Center, National Cancer Centre of Georgia, PSP New Hospital, New Life LLC, Research Institute of Clinical Medicine, Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association, Article 42 of the Constitution, Association Hera XXI and Legal Aid Service.