11 Years after Russia-Georgia war - CSOs reaction in response of statements made by Georgian authorities

8 Aug, 2019

On the eleventh anniversary of the Russian-Georgian war in 2008, the Russian Federation continues to occupy Georgian territory and grossly violate the ceasefire agreement signed by the two countries. Construction of barbed wire fences and fortifications, restriction of free movement of civilians, their abduction, torture, and killings continue along the occupation line.

Despite these circumstances, representatives of the government of Georgia continue to place their party interests above those of the state by issuing statements accusing Georgia’s previous government of starting the war. In this way, they share the position held by Putin, president of the occupying state, and strengthen Russian disinformation.

According to the Tagliavini Report, prior to the official launch of the Russian military operation, Russian troops had already entered the Tskhinvali region without the mandate of a peacekeeping force. The Russian Federation also deployed railway troops to Abkhazia as early as May 2008. According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the plan of war against Georgia was drafted by the Russian General Staff in 2006.

We, members of the civil society Coalition for a Euro-Atlantic Georgia, strongly condemn the statements made by Georgian government representatives regarding the eleventh anniversary of the Russian-Georgian war. We call on them to refrain from voicing positions that serve Russia’s interests and threaten Georgia’s statehood, sovereignty, and territorial integrity.