A historic decision of the Hague International Tribunal on the August 2008 War case

19 Dec, 2022

“The decision of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court is a historic decision within the framework of the investigation of the Russia-Georgia conflict. With this decision, the investigation stage is concluded, charges were brought against the relevant people, and there is not a single regular Georgian soldier, military official, or political official among them. This means that the Georgian side, within the framework of this international conflict, has not committed any of the crimes prohibited by international law” — Giorgi Chitidze, representative of the Open Society Foundation.

The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court became interested in the investigation of crimes committed during the Russia-Georgia war in 2016.

One of the main supporting documents during the course of the investigation process was a collection of the personal stories of more than 1000 people affected by the war, documented by the Open Society Foundation and its partners, published as In August Ruins.

In addition, at the investigation stage, the Open Society Foundation financed the activities of civil society representative Nika Jeiranashvili in The Hague, who helped the court to understand and take into account the Georgian context.


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