Information Center for Parents of Children with Developmental Delay

18 Mar, 2019

The Week dedicated to World Down Syndrome Day was opened with a presentation of the first Information Center for the parents of children with disabilities at the Open Society Georgia Foundation on March 18.

The Information Center will be the first psycho-emotional assistance center, which will serve parents and those families, who have children with developmental delays in foster care.

A hotline will become operational from March 19 through which all interested persons will receive comprehensive and competent information about the services provided in Georgia.

Hotline 551 46 15 55

“Awkward silence is the first and most frequent experience for the parents of children with Down syndrome. Parents encounter silence everywhere – at maternity home, first aid system, family… An unprepared and uninformed parent loses orientation, being unaware of whom to apply. What does Down syndrome mean, what are the challenges the family may face in the future, how long will a child live, what does the future of a child and a family look like,” says Nino Kiknadze, a representative of OSGF health program.

Lia Tabatadze, head of the Georgian Down Syndrome Association, says that anyway, several active parents have rendered information support to interested persons. “Now, our work will have an organized nature. We will try to give answers to all questions asked by interested persons, to help inexperienced parents and all those persons, for whom the perspectives of children with Down syndrome or developmental delays are obscure. It is important that they apply to us duly. Frequently, we are addressed by those parents, whose children are above 5-6 years. It is extremely important to interfere at the early stage of development. Therefore, development experts should interfere at the earliest possible stage.”

The Information Center for Parents is an initiative of the Georgian Down Syndrome Association, which is financed by the Open Society Georgia Foundation. The Center will be based at a social enterprise Babale of the Georgian Down Syndrome Association located at Kazbegi St. 30a.

Free services will be offered.

A motto of the 8th campaign dedicated to World Down Syndrome Day is “Do not leave anyone beyond.” This message implies equal opportunities to full-fledged life for all people with Down syndrome.

Colorful socks are a traditional symbol marking this day. On this day, all Georgian cities join a campaign of wearing colorful socks.