Charity Auction for Children's Hospice

23 Sep, 2019

On September 19, the third charity auction in support of children’s hospice “Firefly World” was held in the garden of Rooms Hotel, raising $67,000. Among the artists whose works were presented at the auction were Oleg Timchenko, Niko Tsetskhladze, Salome Rigvava, Nino Morbedadze, Tutu Kiladze, Maka Jebirashvili, and others. The artists provided their artwork to the hospice for free.

“We wish to thank all the companies, organizations, artists and regular citizens who trusted us from the very first day and helped us build and develop the hospice. The children’s hospice is one of the most successful cases when the civil society, the business, and the President have come together to create a place where children with incurable diseases and their parents feel most protected.” – Keti  Khutsishvili, Executive Director of Open Society Georgia Foundation.

Children’s hospice “Firefly World” opened in 2017. The Foundation began working on the creation of a hospice in 2013 after conducting a survey on palliative care needs of children. According to the survey results, every year 840 children in Georgia need palliative care. Of these, up to 30 children require hospice care, which means inpatient palliative care in a hospice.

Along with inpatient care, there are also a daycare center and home care services at the Hospice. All the services at the “Firefly World” are free of charge.

Hospice is funded only through private donations. The minimum annual budget required for its operation is 500,000 GEL.

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Children’s Hospice History in Figures: